Nusamlatana Info

Location :Nusamlatana
Description :Lune Vendor

Item list

 Item Name 
Scroll of Luck(White) 
Scroll of Luck(Yellow) 
Scroll of Luck(Blue) 
NusamHealing Potion (5) 
NusamHealing Potion (10) 
NusamHealing Potion(99) 
Healing Potion+1(99) 
Healing Potion+2(99) 
Scroll of Sage(Red) 
NusamMana Potion (5) 
NusamMana Potion (10) 
NusamMana Potion(99) 
Mana Potion+1(99) 
Mana Potion+2(99) 
Hai-ring L5 
Scroll of Sage(Yellow) 
Scroll of Sage(Blue) 
Scroll of Champion(Yellow) 
Scroll of Champion(Blue) 
Scroll of Resurrection(Yellow) 
Scroll of Resurrection(Blue) 
Ring of Elemental Vigor+1 
Ring of Elemental Vigor+2 
Ring of Elemental Vision+1 
Ring of Elemental Vision+2 
Ring of Elemental Reserve+1 
Ring of Elemental Reserve+2 
Warrior's Discipline+1 
Warrior's Discipline+2 
Guardian's Aegis+1 
Guardian's Aegis+2 
Thief's Luck+1 
Thief's Luck+2 
Muru Heartband+1 
Muru Heartband+2 
Muru Soulband+1 
Muru Soulband+2 
Scroll(Anger Kalakahina) 
Gold Cuspid of Buya+1 
A Gold wooden Doll+1 
Gold Feather of Hawk+1 
Gold Blood of Vina+1 
Gold Mustache of Danki+1 
Gold Seed of Yen+1 
Ring of Elemental Strength+1 
Ring of Elemental Strength+2 
Ring of Elemental Swirl+1 
Ring of Elemental Swirl+2 
Scroll(Ancient Ruins) 
Scroll(Ruins of Sinks) 
Scroll(Ice Queen) 
Scroll of Storage